Welcome!  This page is dedicated to Colin Davis' counseling in the healing and management of chronic pain and other body based symptoms.  I teach Dr. John Sarno's method and augment it with other understandings and practices.  If you find that you resonate with the words shared here, that means you can benefit from this teaching and will respond positively.  Read on to find out more about this work and at the bottom of the page, you will find pricing and contact information.

Chronic pain and ongoing physical symptoms of all types almost almost always have psychic (emotional) roots.  Physical injuries cause pain, but injuries heal.  Ongoing, chronic symptoms are a different story.

Chronic pain or other symptoms may be linked to a specific physical injury, but the fact that they continue to be a source of pain long after the injury should have healed is due to psychic factors, according to Dr. John Sarno and thousands of his patients who have come to understand his theory.  He has written several books about psychosomatic pain and I (Colin E. Davis), the author of this website, have benefited from his work "massively".  A great many people whom I have coached have also become totally free of their chronic pain due to my coaching based on Dr. Sarno's work.

TMS is an acronym which stands for Tension Myositus Syndrome, coined by Dr. John E. Sarno.  Originally the term applied to chronic back, leg, neck and shoulder pain, but is now being used to describe "any" physical symptom which is sourced in repressed unconscious impulses. 

What we are addressing here is "psychosomatic" symptoms.  Psychosomatic means that pain or other chronic symptoms are rooted in a psychic (mind based) complex.  When a chronic symptom is psychosomatic, there is an unresolved emotional root in the mind that is tied to a physical manifestation.  A muscle may be contracted, a skin disorder may be present, a gastrointestinal issue may persist, but behind the physical symptom is a psychic complex that is repressed and needs to make its way into consciousness. 

In this understanding, we do not deny that the symptom is real.  A physical symptom is as real and anything, but we simply recognize that the symptom is directly tied to an unresolved emotional or mind based repression and we go into the psychic root for relief, rather than addressing the physical effect. We allow the symptom to be and we begin an investigation into the emotional roots. 

Sometimes a symptom will appear out of nowhere, and a physical root cannot be found.  Other times an old injury becomes chronic again after many years of dormancy.  Still other times, a true physical injury will simply persist long after it should have healed.  In all these cases, the physical symptom is acting as a distraction away from the emotional root.

Common psychosomatic symptoms include muscle and joint pain, skin disorders, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, carpel tunnel syndrome and a wide range of other "syndromes", many of which have popped up in society within the last few decades.   In fact, almost any chronic symptom, of any kind, can be psychosomatic. 

Dr. Sarno estimates that perhaps only 20 percent of those suffering from chronic symptoms can accept a psychosomatic diagnosis.  That is because only 20 percent of Western people can tolerate the implications of a psychosomatic diagnosis.  To accept that one's pain is psychosomatic is to accept that most of the medical profession is misguided and also to acknowledge the emotional pain that the symptom represents. 

You see, when the human ego-mind cannot or will not accept an emotional wound, the unconscious mind will move that repressed energy into the body where it can be more safely dissipated.  For those who do not have the mental constitution to metabolize emotional pain into consciousness, converting it into physical symptoms is the safer alternative.  The unconscious mind and body makes the choice for us.  Many people can accept the emotional roots, but simply need a map and model that allows this to happen.

The unconscious roots of the symptom may be deep, requiring ongoing inner work, but in a large number of cases, the symptoms disappear quickly because the emotional root is close to the surface and easily found.  The time it takes for the symptom to resolve itself depends on the depth of the emotional root and how easily it can be admitted into consciousness. 

In "The Mind-Body Prescription", Dr. Sarno says that the cure in many cases is simply reading his book. This is because the conscious mind blocks the admission of the emotional material until it is programmed to accept it.  Our society generally disregards psychosomatic causes for physical symptoms, although this is now changing rapidly.   Reading the book may be all that is needed to reprogram the mind into allowing the material to rise up into consciousness. 

In my own experience, I found that by reading his book, the symptoms moved unexpectedly to a different location in my body, proving to me they were indeed psychosomatic and them from there my own investigations into the emotional roots relieved the symptoms. 

I have coached people in this practice since 2004 and I have noticed that some of them are relieved the very day after we have a conversation about how this works.  They find the underlying fear or other root and the symptom is gone.  Let me explain how this works.

We all have a threshold beyond which our emotional anxiety cannot be managed by the unconscious mind and becomes physical.  That threshold is different for everybody and the type of unconscious material that we are each most allergic to also varies.  At any one time, we will have a large number of stresses upon us, but they are being managed.  Once that threshold is reached, any other unconscious chaos must become physical for the body to manage it.  Naturally an old wound or other place where the body is weakened will be the site of emotional energy "displacement".

It is not necessary in many cases to get to the most difficult emotional roots to relive the symptoms, but by removing the more superficial stresses, the mind-body is again able to manage the load and the symptoms disappear.   This said, they may return until we get to the heaviest material and metabolize it.  But this is how a symptom can sometimes be stopped rapidly.

Its also common that getting to the deepest roots is a long term process and that our chronic symptoms do not disappear completely. Instead, they come and go over time but never reach chronic levels. A shoulder or back pain that was once continual and debilitating, becomes an occasionally recurring lighter pain that resolves itself within a few days.   Many people manage their symptoms very easily while they do emotional clearing work over time. 

I also teach a deep emotional processing technique that is adapted from John Ruskan's Emotional Clearing technique.  I recommend this work for anyone who wants it, or who already benefited from the Sarno method and want to go into the deeper roots.

RESISTANCE to the method:  The mind will typically resist this teaching at some level.  The reason the pain exists at all is because the emotional roots are disturbing.  There will be resistance and that will be offset by one's readiness to heal.  When one is ready, the teaching will be accepted, the emotional root found and the mind and body healed. 

Acceptance of the principles behind the method and the emotional material itself can take time.  It is very helpful to have a friend or coach who has been personally healed by this method who can help to support those who are working with it.  They know the resistance that can appear and they also know the reality of the effectiveness of the method when accepted in the mind of the individual suffering.

How I can help you:

I offer coaching by phone, Skype and in person (California Bay Area).  I explain the principles and the method of implementing it as taught by Dr.  Sarno and as I have learned from healing my own symptoms and through coaching others.  It is "incredibly" helpful to have another human being who can support you, especially if resistance appears.  The effect of having an experienced practitioner explain everything clearly and answering all your questions cannot be underestimated. 

A single 90 minute call with me costs you only 125 dollars.  Even if you call me back a couple more times, the cost is nothing compared to the results from applying the method. During our call, I do not pressure you in any way into anything more.

Contact me here by email and we can schedule a call at your convenience.  I will send you a simple intake form to fill out before our session. I very much look forward to helping you take this important step towards bringing your mind-body back into balance.


Wishing you well,

Colin E. Davis


Notice: I am not a medical doctor, but an experienced life coach.  I teach this method based on my own successes in implementing it in my life and in coaching others.  This teaching is given and received in private counsel between private individuals.  We do not make claims of cures and we do not deter you from receiving medical treatment by any means you determine necessary.  We simply offer an alternative which has worked for us personally and for a great many people whom we have worked with. Judging from the comments for Dr. Sarno's books on Amazon, it is apparent that our experience is widespread!