The following is excerpted directly from   Shadow Tech       "...It's become obvious that every domain in the universe is constantly dealing with this destructive force. It is ever present, from the subatomic level to natural ecosystems, to human relationships and culture. And we have to ask ourselves why this is. There must be a very good reason why universal darkness is as powerful and as prevalent as it is.  Ultimately what we came to find was that  the force behind what we call evil is an effect of creation, and is an integral and necessary partner to the evolutionary force in the universe.  Creation and destruction are actually partners and equals, and are effects of each other in the master game we call the universe, reality or life. The destructive force in the universe happens to be the very mechanism that makes creation work and creation is the mechanism behind the destructive force. I believe some of our cultural predecessors knew this, but in our present state we have not yet come to understand this dynamic.   The master game   In order to arrive at the above conclusion, we had to become familiar with a number of ideas that contributed to this realization. This first concept is that of duality itself. To break this down to basics, if we go back to the eastern Yin-Yang symbol, or to the fundamental math that relates to the creation of the universe, we get a binary equation. 01 We get a fundamental formula that we call duality or the Zero and the One. Anything that we can put our finger on, or put our minds around, manifests within this context of polarity.  All the world’s mythologies have an explanation for how this came about. Many explain that there was an original pre-creation state, an ocean, a feminine chaotic entity or 0 that ruptured with a masculine creative energy, or 1. Out of this splitting process came a dual natured god or gods and the birth of the cosmos.  The duality principle is fundamental, and we can’t even perceive of anything outside of it with our cognitive minds. We might temporarily leave duality consciousness, perhaps in a meditation or peak experience, but at least in our present state of consciousness, we always return to duality. Duality is a master script that we always come back to.  Because of this, we obviously perceive in terms of positive and negative, masculine and feminine, active and passive. Everything in the universe from the cosmological down to the sub-atomic is dealing with dark and light, left and right, in and out, good guy and bad guy, war and peace, pain and pleasure, success and failure, and so on. These are the poles of duality and the game of life is played between these two poles.  As creation manifests, with increasing diversity, each new manifestation comes through this filter and we end up with all kinds of novel ways of witnessing this binary polarity game. One new way of seeing this dynamic is the way in which physicists look at the wave-particle problem. Matter can be seen as a wave (negative-passive-feminine), or a particle (positive-active-masculine), depending on the method used for interpretation.  Many are already familiar with the active and passive attributes of creation through the eastern Yin-Yang symbol. The active or Yang side of creation is associated with light, with masculine energies, with the ordering process, boundary making, solar images, the sky, seeds, language, and all seeking and explorative functions. The passive or Yin side of creation is associated with dark, with feminine energies, with nurturance, opening boundaries, the ocean, the earth and with inclusiveness and relationship. It’s the archetypal feminine force of acceptance sometimes called Faith, associated with the heart. These motifs are everywhere in our mythology.  We also see the feminine form associated with destruction and chaos in many mythological motifs. From the perspective of order forming creation, feminine boundary dissolution is indeed destructive, but the destructive force is not limited to a passive, feminine attribution. Like everything we perceive, destruction is dual natured.   Dual natured shadow   On the passive side of destruction, entropy is the tendency for everything to degrade, to erode, to fall apart. It’s chaos. It’s every time things just don’t fit together anymore. It’s the various causes and effects which lead to degradation of any relationship or thing. It’s our material possessions and our bodies falling apart. It’s our careers or intimate relationships shifting and degrading over time. And entropy is not passive as though it’s unmoving. There appears to be an actual inward pulling force to entropy.  Destruction also has an active, masculine, component. There appears to be a seeking, creatively inspired form of destructive agency. Destructive agency is actually what we focus on more commonly when we think of destruction. We focus on the demons, the devils, the Hitlers, the criminals, the viruses and parasites. We focus on the  agents . This is  Agent Smith  in the movie  The Matrix . Melissa and I often call this active destroyer force  The Virus . It’s literally an active force of destructive agency. An agent in legal language means one who acts on behalf of a principal. As we will see, that principal is the creative process itself.   This all works the same on the light side as it does on the dark side. On the light side we could see the active force of creation as  Will . It manifests through  doing . Creatures, entities, systems, which  do  creative things are manifesting the active side of creation. Equally, the active side of the destructive force manifests as entities which  do  destructive things. It's  Will  in its destructive form. The dark side of the universe has attributes which look like mirrors of the creative side.   Dark creator   We stated earlier that there must be a very good reason why the destructive force is as prevalent as it is. The answer we came to is that destruction, often known as evil, is here to make creation evolve. The destructive force is a creative, evolutionary force at its core.  The destructive force is not an unfortunate accident that the creative universe has to deal with. It’s a fundamental aspect of creation itself.  Without it there would be no creation. It is literally what is behind creation. There is a reason why no mythological god of light has ever destroyed its dark nemesis. They have always been partners, although some traditions have obscured this fact.  So how does it work? Well,  this destructive shadow force takes down every system that cannot maintain high efficiency within its relationships. The destructive force is a tester of every relationship.  Every organization in this universe is eternally challenged by this force of darkness. It doesn't matter whether it’s within an atomic element, a natural ecosystem, a human body, a family, corporation or political cause. Whatever it is, every single relationship is challenged by this dual natured destructive force.   The effect of this challenge is that life and creative activity must change, evolve and efficiently manage itself and its relationships in order to mitigate these destructive effects.  Deep integrity and creative novelty are the universal results.    The stability and creative evolution of the entire universe depends on the abilities of its entities to maintain maximum efficiency and integrity. A universal destructive opponent insures this through eternal challenges.   At some point in this challenging process, the destructive force can become so pernicious to an entity that only an evolutionary shift to a new form of organization will relieve the pressure.  Ultimately, what transpires in this evolutionary process is that a quantum, exponential shift in the way systems work together transcends the dual natured destructive force.  It leaves the Opponent in the dust - at least until it catches back up, and the game begins again!   Integrity insurance   For example, human beings are the collected manifestations of creative processes from 13.7 billion years of this kind of activity, and every one of the universe’s evolutionary successes is included inside of our minds and bodies. We are stacked organic technology, layer upon layer, upon layer, and the reason why we are here today is because of the incredible integrity in the organization of these systems that cooperate. The only reason why these systems have succeeded to the degree that they have is because of this challenge eternally being presented by the destructive force in the universe.  Within duality, darkness can swing all the way to one side or the other and it can almost completely overtake things for a time. It can get really, really dark and then the sun just pops up and the day begins again. This is all in creation myths, which are metaphoric ways of seeing physical principles and human experience. This dual natured 01 creation-destruction process is the base code of the entire energetic universe.   Subjective darkness    The trickiest aspect of this creation-destruction game is the subjective nature of the entire operation. This is truly an archetypal trickster formulation in our universe. There is a fundamentally subjective nature to all perception. This is because the universe manifests through independent entities or holons. Our universe manifests as atoms, molecules, cells, animals, humans, planets, galaxies and all kinds of particular entities. Each entity has a perspective that is subjective from its own point of view. No matter how a system or an organism interacts with its environment, every entity can only view its reality from its own internal point of view.   This subjective state of reality for all entities means that they ultimately create disorder, chaos or destruction for other entities. As each of us lives and creates benefit for ourselves, the result is chaos for other systems. Through our limited, subjective viewpoint, which is a natural state of perception for all entities, we each act on behalf of the dark side, unknowingly feeding it through our own creative acts. The universe gets us all to do its dirty work.   Destruction or evil appears subjectively to all entities in the universe who act as its viral agents, even us.  Every entity in the universe is potentially a virus, a parasite, a predator to some other organism, and a creator and contributor to itself and to those it cooperates with. All perception of destruction is subjective by nature. One man’s evil is another man’s righteousness. The members of a culture may agree on what is evil, and this belief may even be very old and standardized, but from the point of view of another culture, or from the point of view of the entire evolutionary progress of the species, that evil is purely subjective to the perceiver.  In physics and other sciences, there is a concept called  displacement of entropy . Every entity discards its own refuse into its environment. At a molecular level this might be very fine electro-magnetic energy, and at the level of a city, this will be millions of tons of garbage, sewage, and air pollution. Every entity pushes its internal chaos out, and it does this as the result of itself seeking what is good for its own benefit.  A gazelle definitely sees a lion’s predatory behavior as evil, but the lion does not see its destruction of the gazelle as evil. It sees this as a necessary factor in the continuance of its own life.  In every single case, if we could see things through the eyes of a destructive agent, even an infectious virus, we would see that it’s just trying to get along within the master game.  It has worked out a manner of getting along that may be destructive to us, but which gives itself life and purpose.  This also takes into consideration that organisms, including humans, generally do not consciously decide what they create or destroy. We are generally enslaved to the creation-destruction process outside of our awareness. As we become more aware of this dynamic, we can become more consciously involved in the evolutionary process, but we will always remain “in the dark” to a greater degree.  Every entity purposefully, accidentally, or otherwise destroys something or someone else as a consequence of its own creative acts. Atoms do this, cells do this, plants do this, animals do this, we all do this. In this way we are all agents of the dark side. This is a very important thing to realize. This locks creation and destruction together in a seemingly paradoxical embrace.   Eating a meal is an obvious example of ubiquitous evil. Even vegans are destroying living entities of great beauty and value when they consume their food. As we acquire a new job, the last employee is fired. A tree or plant dies and falls into the soil, while its body parts degrade to become the life-giving elements for a new tree to grow out of. The destructive force comes as a consequence of the creative force, and the creative force comes as a consequence of the destructive force. So this is the over reaching context through which we can frame human destructiveness. Our destructiveness is sourced in a much bigger framework than what we generally realize."   
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