This segment is directly excerpted from   Shadow Tech        "A fractured program becomes autonomous in the psyche once its script is habituated. Once habituated, it has successfully gained access to our consciousness in a manner it can control on its own. If it’s not habituated, it lives through energy being passed to it occasionally, when an old wound is triggered by an experience in life. Once a parasitic program can feed itself through a habitual pattern in the mind, it becomes a master of its own life cycle. A Frankenstein has come alive.   When a parasitic program feeds on ourselves alone we call that an addiction, and when it feeds in coordination with others in relationship, the authors call this the  victim-victor cycle .  The  victim  in this model is the feminine or negative pole of a destructive energy program and the  victor  is the masculine or positive pole of its destructive energy. They are intertwined and every individual experiences both polarities.  The cycle will be triggered when a wound or fracture in the psyche is touched upon by an environmental factor or by the actions of another person. Often our emotional triggers are not random but are the veiled acts of autonomous agents in ourselves or others seeking an energetic meal. These triggers can be anything, anywhere. A trigger could come from a newspaper article or maybe a term in this book that offends. It could be something someone said at the grocery store, or any disturbing situation. In a close relationship, triggering is never random. A cycle can ensue when our partner says or does something that we interpret as an offense. Or we may say or do something to them which will result in our partner becoming triggered, and we begin the victim-victor cycle.  From here, we will openly act out as a result. Once we act out of a trigger, the cycle has begun. We will find ourselves losing objectivity as we take another step towards reliving the cycle. As we act out with increasing emotional energy, we fuel the psychic fire. Each stage of escalation results in less objectivity and more energy added to the conflict. As we destroy ourselves or each other, our parasitic programs get stronger, and our physiological patterning more ingrained. More of our energy is channeled off to our autonomous agents and the original wounds which gave rise to our viral programming become inflamed. We re-wound ourselves every time we turn the cycle, thereby increasing the possibility that we will be activated and wounded again. Sometimes a cycle is unable to escalate because of some external distraction or circumstance. In this case the energy system will freeze and continue later.  If we don't have anyone else around for our parasitic programs to feed on, the cycle may simply use our own minds and bodies. This is called an addiction. Addictions appear to be the victim-victor cycle playing out within the bounds of a single individual mind-body. If we look closely as the feelings which precede a “binge” we may find the same wounds and the same parasitic programming that play out in relationships.  An old wound becomes a physiological need, which gives rise to a viral program that feeds cyclically on the chemicals it was formed out of.  Dr. Gabor Mate has found that addictions are cycles formed out of physiological chemical needs which arose from psychological trauma. The addictive cycle is an attempt to fulfill a chemical need.       Trauma --> disharmonic chemical state--> a program is formed --> the environment validates the program --> the program becomes active and parasitic --> the program cyclically activates the wound to re-trigger the original chemical state of need --> the cycle attracts like resonance in the environment --> a parasitic virus is shared.         When we find ourselves in a destructive cycle, the party that’s enjoying the circumstance is never the part of us that later has to kiss and make up or make excuses for our bad behavior. The party running the show is a shadow entity, a parasitic program, a viral script running behind the veil of ego consciousness.  In biology, a virus destroys our cells by altering their DNA. Similarly, these psychic programs tie into our physiological infrastructure and trigger us from the location of an old wound, where they originally formed. The triggering of the victim-victor cycle is an electro-chemical phenomenon which floods the body with hormones. Our blood and nervous system are flushed with chemical secretions which take us over, create the destructive effects, and live out the chemical program that the parasite embodies.  Imagine a computer virus, which is an informational script that plugs into the operating system and takes control of the computer. Or the T. Gondii parasite we discussed in a previous chapter. And remember the cultural example of false flag terrorism that we explored. Now think of the ongoing conflicts between nations and races. These are all self-similar representations of the victim-victor viral cycle occurring in different holons.  Our viral cycles manifest at every level of our being, from the individual mind, to the body, to personal relationships to cultural conflicts. They all come from the same wounded sources, originating in our very way of life.       Polarity games    The life cycle of a viral program, like all organisms or systems operates within the bounds of polarity. There are always two poles between which a cycle will manifest.  Our shadow programs are formed when part of our psychological circuitry is negatively charged by a traumatic circumstance.  This is because children are truly victims of their environments. Our wounds are based on a negative, feminine, victim profile. Wounds have an inward moving,   need   energy to them. Our viral programs are formed out of these needs. The electro-chemical states that they create are feelings of fear, guilt, sadness, worthlessness and the like. These energetic states attract like-resonance in others passively, but they also flip poles and manifest an active aggressor modality.  (Reminder: The term feminine does not refer to the female gender. It’s an energetic polarity association.)   Some people’s shadow programs stay on the negative or victim side predominantly where they attract abusers. Others manifest an abusive, masculine victor profile which causes them to hurt others, but always leaves themselves victimized after a conflict.  All victor-aggressors are victims originally. Acts of abuse towards others are actually acts of self-abuse because they block the host from being able to bond with others. An abuser cannot obtain the healing electro-chemical state which comes from loving and being loved. Abuse of others is an act that blocks the abuser from knowing compassion and love.    Victim profiles attract abusers and victor profiles create victims.  We all participate in and create the victim-victor cycle no matter which profile we tend to favor.       Addicted to conflict   The electro-chemical states which our shadow programs invoke, possess and addict our entire being. We become dependent on feelings of fear, anxiety, guilt, rage and other destructive states. These states become totally integrated into our physiology and our shadow programs act to summon those states when they are in need of a dose. We are generally not in control of this dynamic which we share with our loved ones, our culture and our species. Domesticated animals like dogs or cats are also ensnared to participate in the cycle. Abused animals can also become triggerable victims of the victim-victor cycle.      A body of pain   Looking deeper at destructive programs of the psyche, we may find that we don’t just harbor one viral program but multiples.  As we look at our society, we might see an entire range of viral operation going on. We might view this situation as an ecosystem of viral psychic activity that lives worldwide.  If we were to model this in terms of a holarchy, we might see overlapping and interlocking holons, each representing a type of psychic virus.   In his work, spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle describes a psychic parasite that he calls the “pain body”, which accurately describes this same phenomenon that we are discussing.  “The pain-body is my term for the accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field. I see it as a semi-autonomous psychic entity. It consists of negative emotions that were not faced, accepted, and then let go in the moment they arose. These negative emotions leave a residue of emotional pain, which is stored in the cells of the body. There is also a collective human pain-body containing the pain suffered by countless human beings throughout history. The pain-body has a dormant stage and an active stage. Periodically it becomes activated, and when it does, it seeks more suffering to feed on.” – Eckhart Tolle in “Awakening to your life’s purpose” an interview with Kathy Juline.  In Tolle’s description of the pain body, which is very similar to our own model, he mentions that entire races or even the female gender may have a pain body. It appears to us that he is describing a shared code, a communal viral script that’s playing out the victim-victor cycle throughout a large segment of the population. Melissa has told me that she does believe that women have a shared pain body, and that it’s formed in the context of patriarchy. Women in general have thousands of years of disrespect, physical and emotional abuse behind them. In my own internal work, I came into touch with a similar profile that I can see as a male pain body, also formed out of patriarchy which I call the  Father Thing . This is the dark side of Saturn in astrological terms. Both men and women in our society have a gender based pain body and minority races also carry a pain body. African-American and Native-Americans are clear examples, although every racial segment must carry its own culturally destructive codes.  Because of the energetic nature of the universe and the human being, we live within a shared informational domain where we transmit and exchange our programs with each other. We cannot help but do this; it’s the nature things. If we zoom out of our own predicaments and look at the human species as a whole, we might see these destructive dynamics playing out through all of us. We are each transmitters and receivers collecting, amplifying and directing energy patterns to each other. We do this through our communication and media, through body language, through pheromones and other electro-chemical input-output.  Ultimately the master game players are the Archetypes. They are living energy systems that we are all vehicles for.  It's convenient to look at certain people or groups we deem evil and say that they are hurting us (victim), or that we need to eliminate them (victor), but we are all playing the game equally. The game persists because we are all tuned to the same channel.  We are running the same programs within the same cultural operating system. Some individuals may indeed be more consciously destructive towards others, but they are not in control of their behavior. They have been taken over by the effects of these systems. We are all in the same boat together, playing unconscious polarity games, equally victims of a force we have not yet come to know.      The heart is toxic to the virus   There is one vibration, one formula, one antidote that repels and destroys parasitic programs. This is the archetypal, electro-chemical force present in the feelings of compassion, love, faith and acceptance. These words represent energetic flows in the human mind-body, and like all archetypes, go back to the universal source code.  As we currently see it, the base code for these healing vibrations is the 0, the wave, the heart, the all encompassing feminine force. When this vibration enters the location of a wound, if it can get past a viral program, a destructive cycle will end. If this vibration is able to permeate the mind-body regularly, it will inoculate and protect the human being from further infection and transmission.    If we can invoke compassion and hold it during a conflict, our own viral flows will be neutralized, thereby ending the cycle, but this is very difficult in the midst of crisis. A more effective way to manage conflict is to clean and clear our own emotional wounds which are the original food sources for our parasitic programming .   When our own destructive energy is transmuted through internal spiritual work, conflict is generally reduced in our lives, and if it does occur, we are capable of directing ourselves much more objectively. When we are so unconsciously energized by destructive energies, we are victims to our viral programming and have no choice but to act as an unwilling host.  In order for us to clear our destructive programs, we must channel down into the wounds where they originated. This is where our psychic parasites have their deepest roots. We must gain access to the location of the original fractures and let them air out. This allows them to naturally heal and reform. There are multiple methods we are familiar with. We will share one of them with you in the chapter on emotional processing and we aspire to find more techniques in the future."
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