This map is a conceptual framework, and not a scientific description of the physical body or how the mind relates to the body – but it’s a step in this direction.  An understanding of the link between mental processes and the brain and body could be deepened by applying this model.       In the diagram above  we see the archetypal shape of a cell.  Its central nucleus stores the DNA, the code for its creation and behavior. In the mind (psyche), there is also base operating code for its creation and activity. There is a clear link between the physical DNA in our cells and our minds but let us use this central nucleus in the map to be the place where  Jung’s Collective Unconscious  is located.   Human beings are not conscious of the vast majority (95%) of internal cognitive processes, but there is deep mental software that mediates them.  Therefore, in this map, the greater body of the cell is the   unconscious mind    and the “Id” in Freudian terms  .     The next major segment of the mind, as known in psychology, is the  ego .  The ego is the general conscious state of awareness. In this map, the ego is the field around the boundary of the cell membrane.  It  extends inwards into the body to some degree and outwards into the culture to some degree.  It’s the boundary field.     In psychological terms the  persona  and  self-image  are located here.  They extend out in the culture ( super ego ) and inwards into the unconscious.  The external world is shown in this map outside of the cell as  culture .  As described in the article “A Culture of Mind”, culture is not separate from the mind, but is the macrocosmic correlate to it.  Culture and mind are one interconnected operating system.  In this map, we also see a representation for Jung’s  shadow , within the unconscious. Here it is shown as a  complex, virus, parasite, active wound  or however one wants to describe an autonomous, unintegrated mental complex that acts destructively upon the psyche.  The way in which shadow complexes manifest and spread is a major aspect the Shadow Tech model.     Some background to the above statements follows:  We have noticed that the  Eukaryotic cells , which are the building blocks of our bodies coincide with an archetypal shape.  It’s the same shape that  atoms  and  solar systems  adhere to and that tribes,  cities  and  nations  adhere to.  The nucleus is an  Axis Mundi ; a central sovereign locality where the organizing code is stored and from which the instructions for the continuance of the holon are disseminated.  In simple structures like atoms we call these codes the nuclear strong and weak forces but those forces are also “laws”, which become more elaborate as the archetype manifests in increasingly complex systems.  Outside of the nucleus is the system, body, territory, kingdom, or cytoplasm, where necessary operations are conducted in accordance with the central plan.  At the outer edge of the system, body or kingdom is the membrane.  It’s the protective wall or energetic boundary at the intersection of inner and outer.  “Inside the kingdom is goodness, outside are enemies and evil”, according to ancient thinking.  Known order is inside the cell membrane, and chaos is without.    Bruce Lipton , biologist and author of  The Biology of Belief , made the realization that the nucleus and DNA of the cell is not the cell’s brain, it’s the gonads.  It’s the hard drive.  The cell’s brain is the mem-brane.  It’s at the membrane where the cell acts as transceiver, inputting energy-information that serves is purpose, and exporting its toxins and the energetic products that it’s coded to create.  It’s at the membrane where the highest information throughput takes place.  The membrane is where the cell faces life and death, where its sustenance is derived, and where potential threats like viruses are encountered.   The burgeoning science of biosemiotics is bringing us closer to the realization that all living systems engage in perception and derive meaning from their interactions with their environment.  We would suggest that all living systems, even the cell itself have mental processes.  How?  Because wherever matter or energy is exchanged by living systems, the meaning derived is coherent information and this information is the substance of mind.  This membrane focused information field “is” the organized, living state of meaning and perception.  It’s the mind, the software, the operating system, the culture that sustains the holon.   The human psyche or mind can be seen as the totality of all energy-information within and around the human body, down to the internal components of the cells and outwards into the culture.  The conscious ego aspect of mind can be seen as the field centered at the boundary between the body and the external world.  If we traced the structures of body inwards down to the atomic domain and outwards to the planet as a whole, we might see our brain and nervous system at the center.  So the locus of highest information throughput is the brain, nervous system and perceptual organs and nerves.  Our ego consciousness is the highest at the membrane. 
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