Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari
"We are alchemists, artistic scientists of the mind, engaged in deep inner work and sharing what we learn with the greater society through concise theory and inspirational art.  Click here for our bios. Stay tuned for links to our upcoming musical, multimedia ritual performance "The 01 Experience", which is the artistic side of this work.


Key to this website:  Each of the Theory slides unlocks one aspect of the Shadow Tech theory - for those who want to grasp the science. The Practice page outlines powerful methods for transmutation and describes our coaching process.  You can read our personal bios here and our book is available on the Books page. Videos of our work are on the Media page and the Events lists our workshops and appearances .  Feel free to Contact us for booking, comments and questions.

Shadow Tech can be seen as a "plug in" for your personal mind body operating system, and an "inoculation" for the "cultural eco-system".  Once the core concepts have been integrated, it gives the individual the ability to see the links between all cyclical conflicts in self, relationships and across culture.  This includes inner turmoil, chronic pain and disease, addictions, reoccurring relationship conflicts as well as cultural conflicts, wars, and global social conflict.  All of these manifestations have common roots.  While conflict itself is a natural consequence of life, cyclical, habitual conflict is rooted in shared wounds and shadow material that gives rise to disease across the spectrum of human experience. 

Shadow Tech is an emerging and novel healing modality and conflict resolution platform. It's also a map for understanding how and why human beings destroy themselves and each other.  Those with an existing spiritual outlook of any kind can benefit, as well as those without one because it redefines prior spiritual understandings into 21st century language.

Shadow Tech is a model that helps us to understand the causes of human evil and to "metabolize" its root sources in ourselves, relationships and society.  It is aligned with Jungian theory as well as hermetic principles, systems theories and cutting edge neuroscience.  With this system, the individual will inherit an entirely new perspective on human darkness and conflict and learn practical methods for transmuting repressed psychic content.  When understood and utilized, it is extremely powerful, but naturally, challenging to the practitioner.

When we present this work publicly, we aim to contextualize the principles so that they integrate well within the existing views of those who are learning.  We want all audiences to really "get" the concepts and practices. 

In our workshops, coaching and lectures, we share this work in stages.

Stage 1 - Shadow Tech conceptual model presentation
Stage 2 - Shadow work for individuals and conflict resolution practices (complex management)  for groups
Stage 3 - Ongoing counseling for deep inner shadow work

The stage 1 presentation of the Shadow Tech model is appropriate for all adult audiences and especially those who have a mandate to bring coherence to themselves as a prerequisite to caring for others and the world.  Everyone can benefit from this holistic, systems based model of the destructive force in nature as it manifests in the psyche and culture.

Stage 2 work is hands on and brings unconscious destructive programs in self, relationships and groups into focus and implements clearing practices to metabolize those discordances into consciousness, thereby neutralizing their charges.  In this stage we work with the "victim-victor cycle" of the "pain body". 

Stage 3 work is personal private coaching for engaging in deep shadow work in self or within the container of an intimate relationship.